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Gordon StobartProfessor Gordon Stobart
Wednesday 21 September 2016; 1pm to 4pm
ACU Leadership Centre, Level 3, 229 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane
$250 (incl GST)

Assessment for Learning – does one size fit all?

Assessment for Learning (AfL) is often presented as an approach to teaching and learning that will fit any subject and any learner with minimal modification. This session challenges this by arguing that AfL has to be adapted to meet the proficiency of the learner. The basis for this claim is what we know about the development of expertise and how we move from novice to expert. We examine models of skill development based on research into the development of professional expertise and consider the implications for AfL. Should learning intentions differ between a novice and a proficient learner? Does feedback to an advanced beginner look different to that for an expert?

We then consider our own professional practice – what moves us from being proficient educators to expert ones?

Bio: Gordon Stobart is Emeritus Professor of Education, Institute of Education, University College London and an Honorary Research Fellow at Oxford University. He was a founder member of the Assessment Reform Group which has promoted Assessment for Learning (AfL) internationally. (Full Bio of Professor Gordon Stobart)

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