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Dr Jodie Miller has been recognised by the 2016 Faculty of Education and Arts Research Awards

This award has been given to Jodie in recognition of her demonstrated achievement in producing quality research outputs. Jodie is a nationally recognised researcher in mathematics education completing her PhD in 2014. Her research program focuses on the teaching and learning of mathematics (early algebra, language, representations) with marginalised students. Her track-record over the past five years includes a Springer research book, a Springer book chapter, and publications in recognised quality research journals. Jodie is the lead CI on an externally funded project that explores the teaching and learning of mathematics in an Indigenous setting ($104,000). The combination of her recent publications and this grant has supported her faculty internal secondment to a research-focused position in the Learning Sciences Institute Australia at the beginning of 2016.

The purpose of her research program is to impact on the quality of teaching and learning of mathematics, especially for students most at risk. Her program is underpinned by cognitive and socio-cultural theories of learning and has made use of mixed method approaches, case studies and longitudinal studies.  She is now focused on further building her capacity to produce quality research outputs from her research program.

The FEA Research Capacity Building Award of $1,000 will support a visit to the US to work with leading mathematics educators.

We congratulate Jodie on her recognition and wish her much success with the planned work.

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