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LSIA wins a Teacher Health Foundation grant on Teacher Wellbeing

Dr Yoon-Suk Hwan and Prof Harvey Goldstein from the Learning Sciences Institute Australia (LSIA) and Prof Nirbhay N. Singh from Augusta University (USA) have won a Teacher Health Foundation Grant for Medical Research for their project ‘Teacher wellbeing: A key to school and community success’.

Teacher wellbeing is a pressing issue for the education community. Compromised teacher wellbeing negatively influences teacher performance and teacher wellbeing, and it is known to be a key to student success. In Australia, up to one third of teachers leave education in their first five years and 41% of teachers report high levels of occupational stress. Teacher wellbeing is not only critically relevant for school success but also has considerable financial implications. Despite its importance, our understanding of teacher health and wellbeing and their impact on teacher performance and student learning is limited.

To fill this gap, the team is undertaking a three-tiered mixed methods design study consisting of individual interviews with teachers and a randomised waitlist controlled mindfulness-based interventions. The outcomes will inform the education and research community regarding (1) the threats to and enablers of teacher health and wellbeing as identified from the perspectives of teachers, (2) the efficacy of mindfulness-based interventions to enhance teachers’ physical and psychological health and wellbeing and performance, and (3) the nature of the links between teacher wellbeing, teacher performance and student classroom behaviour measured by student behaviour incident reports.

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