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Learning is an Emotionally Charged Experience

What happens when students blog about their feelings as part of their coursework?

And what happens to the social bonds between the students when they share their feelings using e-motion diaries?

Dr Alberto Bellocchi, QUT, together with Professor Kathy Mills from the Learning Sciences Institute Australia at the Australian Catholic University, and Professor Steve Ritchie, Murdoch University, have been awarded the CSSE 2016 Best Paper award for their article published in the journal Cultural Studies of Science Education (CSSE).

Kathy: We found that the enactment of learning in an online mode is an emotionally charged experience. How do we know?

Alberto: We attended to the formation, maintenance and disruption of social bonds experienced by online preservice teachers as they shared their emotional online learning experiences through blogs, or e-motion diaries, in reaction to weekly videos of face-to-face lessons.

Kathy: E-motion diaries provided a resource for shared emotional experiences that lead to formation of social bonds between the students.

Alberto: It also helped the students to overcome feelings of fear, trepidation and anxiety about becoming science teachers.

See the full details of the award winning paper by clicking on the eprints link below:

Bellocchi, Alberto, Mills, Kathy A., & Ritchie, Stephen M. (2016) Emotional experiences of preservice science teachers in online learning: The formation, disruption and maintenance of social bonds. Cultural Studies of Science Education11(3), pp. 629-652.

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