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Interview: Federal grant to research how kids interact in playgroup environments

Playgroups have often been a lifeline for parents and carers, providing social interaction not just for children but carers too. However, a national curriculum and research into the field has been slow coming. Whilst we now have a national curriculum, research into their benefits has lagged. Professor Edwards is going to change that.

Edwards brings a depth of understanding to early learning education, having worked as an early learning teacher prior to returning to university for further study and a PhD in early learning curriculum. Now professor of education at the Learning Sciences Institute of Australia (LSIA) at the Australian Catholic University, she recently received a grant from the Australian Research Council (Linkage Project) to study the importance of play in learning within a playgroup environment.

Linkage grants are designed to promote the forming of partnerships between universities and industry or community organisations. In this instance, LSIA has formed a partnership with Playgroup Victoria, who have also provided additional funding for the research project.

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