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Competence measurement in (mathematics) teacher education: state of the art and implications for policy

Wednesday 22 August 2018 4pm-5:30pm Level 4, 229 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane

Teacher education and the professional development of teachers have become a prominent topic in recent policy discussions worldwide. However, many educational changes have been carried out without clear reference to the results of empirical studies evaluating the efficiency of different teacher education systems and programs for professional development of in-service teachers. The talk will give an overview on the current knowledge derived from empirical research on the structure of the professional competence of in-service teachers and competence development during teacher education. Based on an impact model on the professional competence of teachers, empirical results of competence measurement of (mathematics) teachers are described focusing the relation of the competence facets of teachers and the competence structure, the development of teacher competences at the transition from teacher education into teaching practice.  Finally, implications for policy are outlined.


Professor Gabriele Kaiser holds a master’s degree as a teacher for mathematics and humanities for lower and upper secondary level, which she completed at the University of Kassel in 1978 with the first state degree. After having worked at school and completion of the second state degree, she worked as a scientific assistant at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Kassel, where she completed her doctorate in mathematics education (rer. nat.) in 1986 with a study on applications and modelling supervised by Werner Blum and Arnold Kirsch. Based on a grant for Postdoctoral Research by the German Research Society (DFG) she undertook her post-doctoral study in pedagogy on international comparative studies at the University of Kassel, which she completed in 1997. From 1996-1998 she hold a guest professorship at the University of Potsdam. Since 1998, she is full professor for mathematics education at the Faculty of Education of the University of Hamburg. Her areas of research include modelling and applications in school, international comparative studies, gender and cultural aspects in mathematics education and empirical research on teacher education.

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Competence measurement in (mathematics) teacher education: state of the art and implications for policy