Learning Sciences Institute Australia

Graduate Teacher
Performance Assessment

The GTPA will generate large-scale evidence of beginning teacher quality to inform policy, practice and research.

The GTPA responds to calls for Australian teacher preparation programs to demonstrate that graduate teachers can apply teaching practices that positively impact on their students’ learning.

As an authentic, research-led teacher performance assessment, the GTPA aligns with the Graduate Teacher Standards and with existing state-based practices and partnerships between universities, teacher employers and other education stakeholders.

The GTPA is an authentic assessment in the way its core focus is on:

  1. teaching practices and instructional decision-making based on student data and evidence of learning, and
  2. the learning experience for both the preservice teacher and their classroom students.

The GTPA Trial sits within a significant longitudinal National Standards Project that will focus on developing a large-scale data collection and analysis to provide a strong evidence-base for the ongoing evaluation and improvement of ITE programs nationally.

The GTPA Trial is integrally aligned with the research agenda that has been proposed for the assessment of the impact of initial teacher education by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).

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