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Ameneh Shahaeian has a deep and long-held interest in investigating children’s development, learning and mental health. Her specialised area of research is educational and developmental psychology and she is especially interested in how children learn, and how best to teach them. More specifically, Ameneh is interested in researching the cognitive and emotional development of typically developing children and children with specific psychological needs. Towards this end she has investigated teaching strategies that lead to better learning outcomes for students, both inside and outside the classroom. Similarly, she is interested in the use of digital technology in children’s learning experiences. Ameneh’s second line of research is focused on parent-child interaction, family environment and parenting strategies, and how these factors are linked to children’s learning experiences and cognitive and emotional development. In the area of education, she is particularly interested in literacy and mathematics teaching and learning. In addition to these specific focuses, Ameneh also has a broader interest in cross-cultural issues associated with childhood learning and development.

Research interests

  • Children’s development of social and cognitive skills
  • Role of parents and social environment on children’s development
  • Children’s acquisition of Theory of Mind
  • Autism and theory of mind
  • Culture and children’s cognitive and social development
  • Socio-cultural origins of human behavior

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