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Dr Chantelle Day is currently the Acting GTPA Project Manager at the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education, and has provided ongoing research support to the Assessment, Evaluation and Student Learning Research concentration since the completion of her doctoral studies in 2017. Guided by an interest in exploring and enhancing the educational experiences and future life opportunities of all Australian students, Chantelle’s doctoral research examined the university student experiences and support needs of young adult carers’ in Australia. With undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Psychology and Education, her areas of expertise include student learning and engagement, student experience, higher education, sociology of education, equity and inclusive education, social and education policy, educational psychology, transformative philosophy and advanced qualitative research strategies.

Research interests

  • Student learning and engagement
  • Inclusive education
  • Student equity and diversity
  • Higher education
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Teacher education
  • Initial teacher education preparation and practice

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