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Elizabeth Heck has a background in secondary media education, short filmmaking, and community media practice. Elizabeth completed her PhD in social learning in community media, arts and cultural organisations, and has an interest in amplifying marginalized voices through storytelling and community media education. She is actively involved with the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM Qld) and has presented at various state and national conferences in media arts education and community media practice. In her current role, Elizabeth undertakes research into inclusive education, assessment, data literacy, ITE, and professional learning, that further contributes to her research interests across student, teacher and community learning.

Research interests

  • Social learning systems and communities of practice
  • Media arts and education
  • Inclusive Education
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Data literacy and use
  • Teacher education: initial and continuing
  • Libraries and Public Institutions (GLAM sector)
  • Community education

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