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Dr Jen Cope is Research/Admin Officer in the Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education (ILSTE) at the Australian Catholic University in North Sydney. Her PhD in Education (Sydney, 2016) examined cross-cultural English language variations in the media; pedagogically, her study contributed to developing critical literacy skills. At ILSTE, Jen is involved in research which investigates image-language relations in national and international assessment tests (NAPLAN, TIMSS, PISA, PIRLS and IELTS). Jen’s research interests include critical literacy skills development, multimodal and digital literacies, multimodal analysis, and image-language relations in assessment tests.

Research interests

  • Critical literacy skills development
  • Multimodal and digital literacies
  • Multimodal analysis
  • Image-language relations in NAPLAN and international assessment tests
  • Critical and positive discourse analysis

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