Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education

Designing challenging online mathematical tasks (DCOMT): Strengthening mathematical knowledge in pre-service teacher education


The purpose of this project is to strengthen pre-service teachers’ mathematical knowledge, particularly higher order thinking capabilities such as mathematical problem solving – a significant issue in Australian and German education (e.g., Office of the Chief Scientist, 2012; Kunter et al., 2011). Strong mathematical knowledge is essential for pre-teachers’ effectiveness in the classroom. This project takes account of the rapid expansion towards on-line delivery of pre-service teacher education programs by generating a Framework for Designing Challenging Online Mathematical Tasks (FDCOMT) – activities that promote problem solving capabilities in addition to basic mathematical skills. The study will (i) develop a FDCOMT and (ii) test the effectiveness of FDCOMT for generating new Challenging Online Mathematical Tasks (COMT).

Chief Investigator

  • Professor Regina Bruder, Ulrike Roder (Darmstadt Technical University, Germany)


  • Australia-Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme $50,000



Industry Partner

  • Australian Universities/German DAAD