Learning Sciences Institute Australia

Effective teacher-based assessment adjustments for students with disability


Researches will work with teachers in equitable educational assessment of students with disability in mainstream courses in secondary schools. Teachers are required by legislation to provide assessments that enable students opportunity to demonstrate their learning, while at the same time meeting course requirements for student outcomes. This can raise many issues of fairness, equity and quality assessment for both students and teachers.


  • Australian Research Council, Discovery Grant, $310,900


  • 2015-2018

Project aims

The project aims are to:

  1. generate a large data set on Teacher Assessment Identity using the Teacher Assessment Identity Instrument
    (TAII) under development at the ACU Learning Sciences Institute Australia (LSIA) to create index levels of
    teachers’ assessment knowledge, confidence and dispositions in the role of assessor in Australia and Ireland;
  2. examine official accounts of achievement standards in  curriculum materials to identify expectations about
    the quality of learning in English and Science classrooms;
  3. investigate the evidence of learning that teachers collect, deliberately and incidentally, and how they use this
    to inform instructional decision-making and provide feedback to students;
  4. investigate how teachers and students use achievement standards in classroom talk and interactions,
    connecting them back to curriculum, to generate student accounts as they develop their criterial knowledge
    and apply this to enhance their learning;
  5. generate new knowledge of the function of standards in different disciplines (English and Science) in
    assessment for both formative (improvement) and summative (reporting) purposes; and
  6. develop new theoretical understandings of how standards relate to the knowledge teachers have about (i)
    assessment practices that derive from the nature of English and science as disciplines and (ii) teachers’
    assessment practices of a more general kind.

Scholarship opportunity

A doctoral research scholarship is currently available in this project, click here for more information.