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Learning-rich leadership for quality improvement in early education


This project will establish Australia’s first evidence base to inform quality improvement in early childhood education services through the development of Educational Leaders. Effective leadership is essential to ensuring the effective implementation of the Australian government’s National Quality Standards for early childhood education. A new theory of ‘learning-rich’ leadership for quality improvement will be developed to influence leadership education in the early childhood sector. Australia will benefit from an empirically valid theory to inform policy and teacher education, and increased effectiveness in service quality for the 1.9 million children attending early childhood education in Australia every week.


  • Australian Research Council, Discovery Project $503,472



Chief Investigator/s

Partner Investigator

Research Team

  • Dr Louise Kay, University of Sheffield
  • Carole Lanting, Monash University

Publications about the Project Methodology

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Nuttall, J., Thomas, L., & Henderson, L. (2016). Formative interventions in leadership development in early childhood education: the role of ‘double stimulation’. International Journal of Early Childhood, 16(1), 80-91.

Publications about the work of Educational Leaders

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