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Numeracy teaching across the curriculum in Queensland: Resources for Teachers


Numeracy is a key component of the Australian Curriculum and an essential skill for all students to possess by the time they leave school. Students become numerate as they develop the knowledge and skills to use mathematics confidently across all learning areas at school and in their lives more broadly. Much of the explicit teaching of numeracy skills still occurs in mathematics. Being numerate involves more than the application of routine procedures within the mathematics classroom. Students need to recognise that mathematics is constantly used outside the mathematics classroom and that numerate people apply general mathematical skills in a wide range of familiar and unfamiliar situations.

While literacy has received considerable attention in discussions and activities aimed at improving the quality of the education in Australian schools, the teaching of numeracy has received relatively little attention. This project aims to enhance the teaching of numeracy across the curriculum in Queensland schools (early childhood, primary and secondary) by developing and making readily available, via the QCT website, user-friendly resources for practising teachers and pre-service teachers on the teaching of numeracy.


  • Queensland College of Teachers, $40,079
  • ACU, $7,000