Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education

Opening real science: Authentic mathematics and science learning for Australia


By engaging the next generation of teachers during pre-service education, and by providing targeted in-service teacher support, Opening Real Science will deliver new teaching modules that engage teachers in real science and enable them to teach mathematics and science as they are actually practised: as dynamic, forward- looking and collaborative human endeavours.

Teachers are at the heart of national efforts to build the mathematical and scientific literacy every citizen needs to make informed decisions in a science and technology dependant future and to boost the mathematics and science-related professions critical to Australia’s competiveness in a globalised economy. “Inspiring teaching is undoubtedly the key to the quality of our system and to raising student interest to more acceptable levels”2.

Opening Real Science will drive a major improvement in the quality of mathematics and science learning by integrating mathematics and science and building the competence, skills and confidence teachers need to inspire and equip their students to ask and investigate engaging questions about the world they live in and the universe beyond. Primary and middle schooling will be the focus, so that the well-documented engagement and outcome benefits of “learning by doing” will be amplified as students’ progress through the modules. Also, by fostering teacher initiative, a wide variety of interests will be catered for, essential for serving diverse student populations.


  • DIICSRTE-OLT (Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers Program), $2,300,000
  • ACU, $102,500