Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education

Programme for International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) - Numeracy Expert Group


PIAAC is an international assessment regime that seeks to ascertain the levels of numeracy and literacy present within adult populations across OECD countries. The purpose of the Numeracy Expert Group is to: develop the assessment framework for the 2nd cycle of PIAAC; provide expert advice into the quality of draft assessment items; and provide commentary on the results of the assessment program.

Chief Investigators

  • David Tout (ACER)
  • Terry Maguire ( Institute of Technology Tallaght Ireland)
  • Isabelle Demonty (University of Liege Belgim)
  • Kees Hoogland (University of Utrecht The Netherlands)
  • Javier Diez-Palomar (University of BarcelonaSpain)


  • PIAAC – OECD $19,000



Industry Partner/s

  • Department of Education and Training