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LSIA Research Scholarship – 1 scholarship available now!

LSIA has 1 doctoral opportunity available for candidates who are driven to research for better futures for children and young people. In 2017, the following scholarship are only open to domestic research candidates.

STEM in Education has one PhD candidature opportunity available in the following recently funded ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award

  • Designing and implementing effective cross-curricular numeracy tasks (Brisbane-based)

Numeracy has been a national education priority for more than a decade, yet there appears to be little progress in students’ numeracy performance. A lack of numeracy skills leads to devastating social and economic outcomes for individuals. This project aims to improve students’ numeracy capabilities through: attention to the design of tasks intended to enhance numeracy learning across the curriculum; and the refinement of teaching practices with a view to improving student performance on both standardised numeracy tests and more realistic, contextualised tasks. The project aims to generate new theoretical and practical insights into effective numeracy education across the school curriculum.

Focus areas for doctoral research could be mathematical task design, critical thinking within numeracy contexts, teacher professional learning, the use of digital tools in mathematics teaching and learning, and students’ learning in cross-curricular mathematical contexts.

Contact: Associate Professor Vincent Geiger

Information on how to apply for this scholarship opportunity can be found in the relevant project in the Graduate Research website. Applications are open now!
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