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atea logoTeacher Education Policy and Practice – Evidence of Impact, Impact of Evidence

The 2017 ATEA Conference will be hosted by the Learning Sciences Institute Australia, Australian Catholic University, from 5-7 July in Brisbane, Australia. Teacher education programs in Australia and internationally are challenged by contemporary policy frameworks to demonstrate evidence of the impact programs have on the capacity of graduating teachers to act with confidence and competence in school and early childhood education classrooms. At the same time, the field of teacher education is increasingly working toward building a robust platform of research evidence that speaks to these policy frameworks and to wider issues of the role of teaching and teacher education in wider society. The theme of 2017 ATEA, “Teacher Education Policy and Practice – Evidence of Impact, Impact of Evidence” engages both with ‘evidence of impact’ and ‘impact of evidence’ to tease out the complex dialogue between the enterprise of teacher education and evidence for its effects in the early 21st century, including taking a critical position on the very notions of ‘evidence’ and ‘impact’ that underpin contemporary policy frameworks.

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