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Research interests

  • Out-of-Field Teaching and professional development
  • Education practices
  • Teaching and teacher quality
  • Internationalisation in education
  • School leadership models
  • Behaviour management
  • Education policies
  • Teacher placements
  • Inclusive education

Research consultancy projects

2016 Queensland College of Teachers: Wyatt-Smith, C., Du Plessis, A., Hand, K., Colbert, P. Investigation of the factors that influence the choice of teaching as a career.
2016 Queensland College of Teachers: Wyatt-Smith, C., Du Plessis, A., Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment task: Development Stage 1 – Authentic Pre-service Teacher Performance Assessment Task.
2016 Independent Schools Queensland: Wyatt-Smith, C., Du Plessis, A., & Jackson, C., Curriculum Innovation.

Competitive grants and projects

2017 Understanding teaching workforce issues: The implications of teacher appointments, retention, and attrition rates for quality education and improvement plans
2017 Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA) Standards Project
2016 A collaborative Pilot Study: Investigating the implementation of the Graduate Teacher Performance assessment (GTPA) task in partnership with QCT, ILSTE and four Queensland universities
2016 Teacher Education, Quality and Workforce Development: Evidence of Impact, Impact of Evidence
2016 Building an evidence base of teacher quality and classroom readiness: A focus on teaching performance assessments

Anna Du Plessis Curriculum Vitae



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