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Research interests

  • Moderation
  • Enacted assessment practices
  • Assessment for learning and teachers’ work
  • Doctoral study investigated assessment and online moderation processes focusing on the formation of teacher identity

Competitive grants and projects

2011 Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery grant ((DP110104309) ‘Grammar and Praxis: Investigating a Grammatics for 21st Century English’
2001 ARC Strategic Partnership with Industry – Research and Training Scheme (SPIRT) ‘Putting scaffolding to work in language and literacy classrooms: new perspectives in ESL classrooms’


Book chapters

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Macken-Horarik, M. (NON REVIEWED) Grammar in wonderland: What might a re-imagined grammar look like in contemporary school English? METAphor, English Teachers’ Association Journal, Vol. 1, 2016.

Refereed Conferences proceedings

Macken-Horarik, M. & Love, K. Obama, Rudd and a grammar for rhetoric in the National English Curriculum, for Bridging Divides AATE/ALEA Conference Proceedings, Hobart, July, 2009. Paper accepted 16/6/09.

Macken-Horarik, M. A good enough grammatics: Developing an effective metalanguage for school English in an era of multiliteracies. Proceedings of ISFC 25: Voices Around the World, August, 2008: edited by C. Wu, C. Matthiessen & M. Herke, Macquarie University, Sydney.

Refereed Journal Articles

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