Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education

Improving Disadvantaged Students’ Reading Engagement and Reading Outcomes Using Student-Voice Driven and Mastery-Focused Reading Models


NAPLAN test results indicate that disadvantaged students, especially those coming from low SES families, underperform compared to their non-disadvantaged counterparts. This
suggests that existing classroom reading practices and models in low SES schools may not be effective in improving reading and reading outcomes. Insufficient attention has been given to contextual influences, students’ perspectives and university-school partnership in developing new practices for promoting reading.

The aim is to develop mastery-focused classroom practices and strategies for promoting engaged reading and improving reading outcomes in schools serving disadvantaged students. The project achieves this by using a student-voice driven intervention model to assist teachers to craft a mastery-focused orientation to reading. The expected outcomes include responsive and context-relevant pedagogic strategies and practices for promoting mastery-focused reading, enhancing interest and engagement in reading, and improving reading outcomes. This project empowers disadvantaged students and their teachers by acknowledging, valuing and utilising their perspectives in the reform process.


  • Queensland Department of Education and Training Woodridge State School, $63,536.00


  • 12 months