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Understanding factors that contribute to the development of Theory of Mind acquisition: A path analysis approach


In our everyday interactions with other people, we habitually think about what they want, believe, or feel. Our interpersonal and social relationships are significantly shaped by our ability to predict others’ behaviours based on perceptions about what is going on in their minds. Acquiring this understanding—that other people have internal mental states—is a developmental milestone for young children and a barrier for adults with specific socio-cognitive disorders such as Autism. Lacking such an understanding of others’ minds, we would not be able to build successful social and political relationships. In this project, we aim to understand how children acquire the ability to understand others’ mental word.


  • ACU Research Funding scheme equals to $44,135


  • January 2016 to December 2016

Study design

  • This project uses a cross-cultural model with children from Iran and Australia.

Current Status

  • Report-writing phase