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Learning and Learners: Learning, Learner Diversity and Reforming Classroom Practices

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The Learning, Learner Diversity and Reforming Classroom Practices research concentration develops new models and practices for promoting motivation, learning and engagement across online, and in and out-of-school settings with special focus on students coming from linguistically, economically and culturally diverse backgrounds. The research is concerned with developing better understandings of constraints and affordances derived from personal, sociocultural, institutional and political contexts that hinder or promote meaningful engagement in learning, and more specifically, in learning how to read and write to meet the challenges posed by economic, sociocultural and technological changes in the 21st Century. The research is developing new knowledge about the nature of learning and ways of improving learning engagement and learning outcomes in key curriculum areas.  The research also has a central focus on the work of education professionals ensuring educational opportunities for disadvantaged students from diverse backgrounds are personally meaningful, culturally relevant, and future-oriented.